Current Market Review

The TSX was down 8.9% on the week ended Feb 28. The S&P500 was down 11.5% on the week.

This crash is now the fastest in one week following a new high in stocks!

Is the coronavirus a “black swan event?” i.e. ” Something that comes out of left field and is in this case different enough from past such pandemics; not as predictable, and we don’t have proven vaccines, and it may take too long to get them developed and approved as it currently stands?

The odds could favor a V-shaped rebound if there are no serious signs of the virus continuing to mushroom.” As of today this looks doubtful as it is certain to affect specific sectors. Time will tell.

We are still in the “good season” for money flows and treasury yields are at record lows which is very bullish for the market. Our three arrows remain up despite what has happened so far. We will keep our fingers crossed!

Market Trend

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