Current Market Review

The TSX Composite was down 12% for the year ended Dec 31, 2018 and the S&P500 was down 6.2% for 2018 in Cdn dollars.

The yield curves in Canada and the US remained positive
at year end. (i.e 2yr treasury / 10 yr treasury Can 1.86/1.96% and US 2.56 / 2.69%)

Oil closed the year at $54 a barrel for 2018 (Slumping demand from China)

The sell-off on the Canadian and US markets started Oct 4th and ended Dec 26, 2018 after the S&P had lost roughly 20% of its value. In a span of only 17 trading days this year though it rallied to close last Friday at 2,670 – a stunning 13.8% rebound!

Will it continue? Let’s hope it does during our usually strong winter season!

Our 3 arrows are down but the seasonal arrow is about to turn up. Staty tuned!

Market Trend

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